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David Bowman

NEW YORK, NY February 6, 2018 - Kent Anderson’s highly anticipated third novel, Green Sun, will be published February 27, 2018 by Mulholland Books, an imprint of Little, Brown & Co. Anderson’s fans have waited more than twenty years for this third book about Officer Hansen, a Vietnam veteran and Oakland police officer who chooses to live in the precinct he patrols and takes seriously his duty to serve and protect the black community—his neighbors—in East Oakland. James Patterson writes, "Green Sun tells the unvarnished truth about what it is to be a cop in modern day America. I can give a suspense novel no higher compliment,” and Michael Connelly writes, “Kent Anderson serves up the best of what crime fiction can do in Green Sun, showing us a slice of the world that stands for the whole wide world and giving us Officer Hanson, whose perseverance and bedrock fairness and understanding of human frailty make him a hero for all places and times. The Hanson trilogy should not be a secret. It’s the best of the best in American storytelling today.” 

Publisher’s Weekly named Green Sun one of the most anticipated books of the spring and one of the top 10 mysteries coming in 2018.

Mr. Anderson is a U.S. Special Forces veteran and has won two NEA grants for creative writing as well as two Bronze Stars. He lives in New Mexico and is represented in publishing matters by Bardacke Allison LLP.