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Paul Bardacke has mediated over 2000 cases nationwide, including successful resolutions of cases involving nine figures. His areas of specialty include commercial litigation, tort, aircraft litigation, healthcare disputes, and natural resources settlements. As recently as 2013 and 2015 he was ranked the best mediator in New Mexico. He has also arbitrated many commercial disputes, primarily as a neutral.

Paul is an active mediator and will explore every possibility to settle the case. If a case does not settle at the mediation, Paul often continues to communicate with counsel in an ongoing effort to resolve the case. On rare occasions a second mediation is necessary. Of the almost 200 mediations Paul has conducted outside of New Mexico, about 80% have settled.

Paul recently successfully mediated litigation brought by hundreds of plaintiffs against utility companies involving allegations of billions of dollars in damages from a forest fire. He also resolved a suit over the fatal crash of a high performance jet, and another action involving an air disaster with a medivac plane.

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